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The Hirosaki Players (Short Film)       Multiple Award Winning       Score Composer - Live Orchestra

     For complete list of awards -


Lie To Me (Promo)FOX                   Hollywood Music Awards              Best Song TV "Lie To Me" 

The Help (Movie Trailer)                 Hollywood Music Awards             Best Song Trailer

Wicked World (Stacy Wilde)           Hollywood Music Awards              Best Song Blues


                                                             Selected Work 


The Help (Movie Trailer)                     Disney/Dreamworks               "Change The World"

Bachelorette Party: Las Vegas               Oxygen Channel                      Theme Composer

I'm In The Band - Seasons 1 & 2               Disney XD                            Theme Composer

I'm In The Band - Seasons 1 & 2               Disney XD                              Score Composer

I'm In The Band - Seasons 1 & 2               Disney XD                            All Original Songs

Dog With A Blog - Seaons 1,2&3               Disney                                  All Score/Theme

Instant Mom    (ALL SEASONS)                Nikelodeon                             All Score

Sherri (Promo)                                           Lifetime TV                            "Beautiful You"   

Lie To Me (Promo)                                           FOX                                    "Lie To Me"  

The Hirosaki Players (Short Film)         ASCAP WORKSHOP         Score Composer - Live Orchestra

Life of Ryan - Seasons 1,2 & 3 (ALL)               MTV                                 Score Composer

Run's House - Seasons 2,3,4,5,6                       MTV                                 Score Composer                     

Nitro Cirus - Seasons 1 & 2                               MTV                                 Score Composer

Parental Control - Seasons 1-7                          MTV                                Score Composer

Candy Girls                                                          E!                                   Theme Composer

Candy Girls                                                          E!                                    Score Composer

Daddy's Girls - Seasons 1,2 & 3                         MTV                                 Score Composer

Fantasy Factory ( All Seasons )                         MTV                                 Score Composer

Kimora Life In the Fab Lane Season 1               E!                                    Score Composer

Matumbo Goldberg Webisodes                       Funny or Die                     "You Sayin It Is"

Charmed                                                             Fox                                     "Lie To Me" 

100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs                             VH1                             Theme & Score Composer 


                                                                  ADVERTISING TV


Wilde West Music / David Wilde Music

Music Composer/Songwriter/Producer for Ad Campaigns

Maybelline/Loreal/Avon/Pantene/Chicos/US Air Force/Plan B/HSN/Breakstone  etc …




Bachelor of Music Degree from William Paterson College in Jazz Studies

Major: Contemporary  Jazz Piano / Classical Piano 

Awarded Graduating Class Most Valuable Jazz Musician 

ASCAP/NYU Film Scoring Workshop 2010

Orchestration Workshop with Scott Smalley 2010




O.P.P. (Naughty By Nature) Producer/Songwriter/Mixer/Engineer/Keys (Triple PLATINUM)

POVERTY'S PARADISE (Naughty By Nature) Programmer/Mixer/Engineer/Keys (PLATINUM)  

NINETEEN NAUGHTYTHREE (Naughty By Nature) Programmer/Mixer/Engineer/Keys (PLATINUM) 

HIP HOP HOORAY (Naughty By Nature) (PLATINUM) 

EVERYTHING’S GONNA (Naughty By Nature)  


BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Keyboards (MULTI-PLATINUM) (2 Academy Awards: Score and Best Song) 

STACY WILDE (Atlantic Records / E.V. L.A.) Album Producer/Programmer/Writer/Mixer/Engineer 

PRONOUNCED JAH-NAY (Zhane) Programmer/Mixer/Engineer/Keys (GOLD)

HEY MR. D.J. (Zhane) (GOLD) 

GROOVE THANG (Zhane)Producer/Songwriter/Mixer/Engineer/Keys

SENDING MY LOVE (Zhane)Producer/Songwriter/Mixer/Engineer/Keys               

JUICE "UPTOWN ANTHEM" (Film Soundtrack) Programmer/Mixer/Engineer (GOLD)

POETIC JUSTICE (Film Soundtrack) Programmer/Mixer/Engineer/Keys  

MARIGOLD SKY (Hall & Oates) Album Producer/Programmer/Writer/Mixer/Engineer/Keys/Guitar 


I CAN'T STOP DREAMING (Daryl Hall) Producer/Programmer/Writer/Mixer/Engineer/Keys/Guitar 

SCREAM Re-mix (Michael Jackson)     

NATURE OF A SISTER (Queen Latifah) Programmer/Mixer/Engineer/Keys

AIN’T NOTHING BUT A SHE THING (Queen Latifah) Programmer/Mixer/Engineer/Keys

LATIFAH’S HAD IT (Queen Latifah) Programmer/Mixer/Engineer/Keys

NEVER GIVE UP (Kool and the Gang / Gerald Alston) Songwriter - 2nd Single        

I LOVE YOU MORE (Alicia Warren)Producer/Songwriter/Mixer/Engineer/Keys

MILKBONE (MilkBone) Programmer/Mixer/Engineer/Keys

ROTTIN RASKALZ   Programmer/Mixer/Engineer/Keys 


                                                              A Brief History


     After graduating from William Patterson College with a BM in Jazz Studies and touring with acts like Blood Sweat &Tears and Louis Perico Ortiz, David opened Marion Recording Studios and immediately scored hits, producing/writing/engineering and mixing for Naughty by Nature's OPP,Hip Hop Hooray and went on to have hits with Zhane,Kool and the Gang,Hall & Oates,Queen Latifah,Kathie Lee Gifford,Patty Smyth and Stacy Wilde to name only a few. 

   Today David is a working composer/songwriter for Tv & Film who splits his time between LA and NYC. 

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